Oliver BC-Vacation Rental

Wildlife in the morning and wine in the afternoon

My wife and I stayed at the Flaming Squirrel for a few days in July. The weather was uncooperative, but Brad and Cindy were great.

Every morning we watched deer out of the kitchen window while we prepared breakfast. Cindy was even able to provide gluten free options to accommodate my wife’s sensitivities.

Then it was a short drive to any of the wineries. Brad and Cindy can give you the rundown on most places in Oliver, from family-friendly (kids get their own juice and bread and friendly dogs to play with) to absolute overboard posh-sommelier-speak (which can be entertaining if that’s what you like).

The guest-house is a complete stand-alone apartment. It has everything, including a great view of the valley.

Full disclosure: I worked with Brad for several years in the Lower Mainland. That entire time, he was talking about finding a nice place out of the city. He definitely found a great place. And if you go, ask him how the guest house got its name. He loves (sort of) telling the story.

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